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Killing Time

First day of Spring semester...I've got a little less than an hour to kill now that I've printed all the necessary notes for the week. I'm staying nice and toasty in the computer lab until I absolutely have to leave. I'm so glad that on the first day, I only have classes in buildings I'm familiar with, in classrooms I've already been in, with decent parking near by. I think it'll be an okay day.

While I was scraping off my car, my glasses fogged up because of my scarf, and then the fog froze. It was super awesome.

I like my statistics teacher. She has a fun accent, and she's tiny. I'm not exactly looking forward to the 8 a.m. Friday lab all semester, but at least I don't have to go this week.

Next I have Business Calculus...we'll see how that goes.

Tomorrow I have Finance and LSCM. Turns out my finance class requires a special calculator, so I'll be shopping this afternoon...I think I'll try Target and then Best Buy...I know Best Buy has it, but if Target has it, it'll be cheaper. I'm annoyed that I have to get another damn special calculator - I just got one last semester for Business Statistics, and I figured it'd carry me through Business Calc, which it probably will, but nooooo, not Finance. Finance has to be SPECIAL and make me get another damn calculator. And I forget which one, but another of my classes only allows 4 function calculators (the kind you use in grade school), so between 4 classes, I need 3 different calculators. Stupid expensive college.  

Oh, and I found out today that it's a good thing my car wouldn't start on the day I was going to sell my books back, because the book I used for statistics last semester is the same one I need to use for statistics this semester. I'm so glad I didn't sell it and then end up having to buy it back. Sometimes car troubles SAVE you money! Probably just this one time though...

P.S. if any of you have seen my backpack, let me know. I thought I put it in the hall closet for the month of vacation, but I can't find it, and it has my tiny stapler and my white-out, and all my pencils and stuff. So...um...yeah. Larissa, find my backpack.


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